I live, work and watch in Boston, Lincolnshire. I’ve lectured in Film Studies for 10 years, and been researching a PhD at Lincoln University for 5 years. The title of my thesis is Fascist Works of Art? Identification and Pleasure in the 1970s Vigilante Thriller which covers the politics and critical reception behind the films Joe, The French Connection, Dirty Harry, Death Wish & Taxi Driver. My love of film extends from the acknowledged canon to the lowest, nastiest recesses of 1980s DTV schlock. 

I’ve spoken at the London Film & Media Conference, the Lincoln University Graduate School, appeared in the video-game 007 Legends as a Drax Henchman (seen above) and climbed The Great Wall of China (which, it turns out, is very high, and very awesome.) My paper on “Narrative Image and Violence in the Vigilante Thriller” has been published in The London Film and Media Reader 1.

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